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Homeowner adjusting smart thermostat
September 08, 2023

Will A Smart Home Save Energy In West Palm Beach?

As a responsible homeowner, you’re frequently searching for ways to lower utility costs and reduce energy use. Have you considered implementing home automation within a new security system? Smart homes offer more than just a gimmicky tool to switch lights on and off. As a matter of fact, a smart home is able to save energy in West Palm Beach. Take a minute to learn how.

How Smart Home Technology Can Help You Save Energy In West Palm Beach

Do your comfort settings stay at 68 degrees whether you’re there or not? When you exit your bedroom in the middle of the night, are lights still on? Home automation can allow you to avoid circumstances like this that misuse energy and increase your spending. The key is in the wireless access, control, and programming functionality found in smart devices like locks, lights, and thermostats.

Take Advantage Of Online Access, Scenes, And Schedules

You probably know how expensive electrical and gas bills can become. You now have the possibility to use your property’s systems in a more economical manner. Here are a few ways you will save.

  • Wireless access and control: You took off on a month-long trip but forgot to update your cooling settings or switch the lights off. Not a problem. Using the security app on your cell phone, you may adjust the comfort levels and operate smart lighting. In addition, you can reset the temperature back to where it was before returning.

  • Schedule your components: If nobody is home throughout the day, should you operate your HVAC system at full capacity? Instead, set your smart thermostat to cooler temps in the morning and evening when your family is home and a higher temperature when the house is vacant to lower your energy consumption. You’ll never need to do anything as your thermostat will adjust by itself. You may do the same with smart lights. There’s a valuable safety bonus, as well, as you can program your lights to come on at random times, making it seem like you’re on site when you aren’t.

  • Program a scene: Did you know you can create personalized scenes? You can implement them for specific times, like when you’re [[at home|home], at your job, or travelling. This allows you to incorporate elements like your lights, locks, and thermostat. For example, a going to bed scene may automatically turn off lights, secure your main entrance, and adjust your HVAC settings. Using scenes for when you’re not home can have a notable impact on energy consumption.

  • Geofencing: Another great, energy-efficient way to use automated components is through geofencing. When implementing this functionality, your system knows your whereabouts based on your smartphone’s location. When leaving for work, your smart thermostat can automatically adjust temperatures. Also, they may be reverted back to your normal levels when you return.

Automation offers more than money savings. It can also elevate your safety. For example, you can have your doors lock on its own at predetermined times or address it yourself through your mobile device. You may even activate your alarm from wherever you are for more peace of mind.

Plan Your West Palm Beach Energy-Efficient Smart Home With Secure24 Alarm Systems

Cut down on your energy consumption in West Palm Beach and save money on utility expenses with an energy-efficient smart home from Secure24 Alarm Systems. Our modern home security packages give you all the tools you need, like remote accessibility and geofencing. Contact (561) 291-7769 to design your new system today.